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Hangsterz P2E concept video

We think that most P2E games are very simple. Just click and earn and that's the everything. We don't blame them for quality issues. Our P2E games will have more diverse ways than the existing P2E games. We will provide various levels, challenging tasks and quests, unique items, real-time chats, availability to trade between users, production, combination, and easter eggs. We will develop more enjoyable P2E app functions to implement a more realistic virtual space to create a community that draws its users' interests and keeps users to be active. We are going to deal with P2E Hangsterz when it releases our products.

* This video is a concept video for better understanding.



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We have created an awesome app that allows anyone to mine XEED tokens anywhere at anytime. Cryptocurrency is constantly being debated about its value and potential, but no one can clearly conclude. However, it is clear that most of the current cryptocurrency mining methods consume a lot of energy and cause environmental problems. According to Digiconomist, about 0.5% of the world's energy is used for cryptocurrency mining, and the current mining method is still highly dependent on fossil fuels.

We use a proof-of-stake method based on tokens held within the network rather than energy-consuming mining and use minimal resources. Users can simply start mining by just clicking on the XEED mining app. The app will still function even though it is closed, which means it will keep mining when users are not using the app because it does not use the user's device's CPU or GPU.

Story of Hangsterz

Phase 1

Today in the metaverse world, hamsters are spinning the wheel to collect XEED tokens. Mining XEED tokens is the only way to get out of the fixed life frame in the daily routine that is repeated every day.


Phase 2

One day, all the XEED tokens amount was exhausted, and the hamsters came out of the cage and checked the real value of the token for the first time in the outside world. They were happy to know that the tokens they have collected are of great value and enjoy a leisurely life by spending the tokens they have earned.


Phase 3

At one point, the hamsters used up all the XEED they had and led them to fall into despair. Hamsters, who now are penniless have nothing to lose, began to do bad things and eventually join the gang called “Hangsterz.”


To be continued...

Mining will proceed for 12 hours once you click the Start button.

Our app never uses a device's CPU or GPU for the mining operations and does not run unrelated background processes.

The holders are given priority to NFT purchases, events, listing, and early access to our P2E apps.

You can trade the Hangsterz collection on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. We are planning to link the XEED Mining app with Hangsterz NFT, and it will also be used in the P2E app currently under development.

Hangsterz NFT holders will be given NFTs, XEED Tokens, and Hangsterz goods in the future, and the benefits will be increased to early holders. You can look forward to it.


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